The Dunvegan Sold To Golf Enthusiasts

An unbylined Scotsman report says the famed St. Andrews pub and hotel has been sold by the retiring Jack and Sheena Willoughby to Forth Bridge Capital LLP.

The new owners are described as golf enthusiasts.

“We are very happy to be involved with Jack and Sheena who have been a pleasure to deal with and we are committed to ensuring The Dunvegan remains one of golf’s best experiences,” said a spokesperson for Forth Bridge Capital LLP. “We look forward to a long and exciting future for our long-standing patrons, our new friends and golfers from around the world.”

Forth Bridge Capital LLP is a UK-based investment company specialising in sports-related businesses and properties. It is owned and managed by golf enthusiasts, industry executives and tour professionals. During the six months marketing period, property company Pagan Osborne managed an unprecedented volume of enquiries from around the globe for the Dunveygan.