Golf Digest's What People In Golf Make

Golf Digest's annual list of top salaries in golf took a Parade magazine-style twist this year with the inclusion of more than just overpaid execs. We've got coaches, caddies and other random jobs in the game. It's instructive to see these other jobs worked in given how many lavishly-paid pro-golf executives there are and how lightly paid folks are for prestigious jobs in other sectors.

I did, however, find some of the numbers mentioned by Alan Pittman to be low for positions like General Managers, superintendents and architects at leading clubs. A few even need to be doubled, at least. ($500k for a "leading architect" fee and $100k for a leading architect remodel might have been accurate in the mid-1980s.)

Also peculiar: how many executives listed are retired or gone from their organizations, including one high up the list who has been gone so long he's already been fired from his next non-golf industry job! Another execs name was wrong, but his $407k salary will soften the blow. Shoot, he might even like his salary not being Google-search friendly.