Petition Asks CBS To Show More Golf

Maybe it was the packed leaderboard with compelling storylines.

Maybe it was the annual late telecast start time (leaving a 52-minute gap from Golf Channel to CBS).

Maybe it's the intangible joy of West Coast Swing viewing when so much of the country is actually sitting in front of a television watching, eager to see shots and sun.

Or maybe it was that CBS took five months off and didn't unveil any new bells and whistles.

Either way, the Farmers Insurance Open made for an aggravating start to CBS's 2017 season as the network frontloaded the broadcast with commercials, promos and beauty shots. That freed up a better second half by then to show Jon Rahm's stunning eagle live along with some stellar camera and replay work. But by then, the damage was done.

No Laying Up's Chris Solomon has started a petition to convince CBS to show more golf.

A sampling of the social media commentary: