Rahm Emerges From Pack With Dramatic First PGA Tour Win

He's been billed as the next great thing by even people who hate to proclaim next big things. And with a phenomenal back nine 30 capped off by an 18th hole eagle, Jon Rahm affirmed his status.

Here is Doug Ferguson's game story from Torrey Pines.

John Strege's account had this from Phil Mickelson, whose brother Tim represents Rahm and who Mickelson has played practice rounds with:

“Jon doesn't have weaknesses. Every part of his game is a strength. I think he's more than just a good young player. I think he's one of the top players in the world. There's an intangible that some guys have where they want to have the pressure, they want to be in that tough position, they want to have everything fall on their shoulders and he has that.”

Rahm's post round press conference was most impressive. When more highlights from that are posted I'll add here.

The eagle we'll see for years: