Great Read: Pete Cowen's "My Shot"

Another stellar Guy Yocom My Shot arrives with Pete Cowen, labeled in the headline as "the best teacher no one knows."

That's a pretty fair label given that he had two major winners last year from his stable of players.

Anyhow, it's an informative look into his thinking and why a Cowen book would be a fun read. Here he explains his fee structure, that gives him 4% of a players' tournament winnings, but only for top tens:

I cover all my expenses and am available on short notice. I'm very proud of this. What other coach in the world of sports has the confidence to structure their fee schedule this way? There have been times when the results of my coaching have produced revenue for me that the players' agents felt was excessive. This led me to add a corollary to my offer: If the player leaves my camp, for any reason whatsoever, and doesn't leave a token bit of compensation in place, said player cannot come back. This happened several years ago with a very good player I was helping. A Ryder Cupper who became top 50 in the world. The player's agent rang me one day to say his player was going to "do his own thing," was leaving and choosing not to keep a bit for me intact. I warned that said player couldn't come back. Some time later, the player's performance declined. The agent phoned me, asking if I would begin working with his player again. To that I said, "You obviously weren't listening." I couldn't take the player back. But good luck to him. He's a nice lad, and still a good player.