Two(!) Books Win The USGA Book Award

Congratulations to Kevin Robbins and Peter Lewis for having their excellent work recognized by the USGA's Herbert Warren Wind Book Award.

The USGA's museum director, Adam Barr, explains why the committee decided to award two books.

"Frankly, it's not likely to happen again – but this year, after much discussion, we decided that we had two books worthy of the 2016 award," said Adam Barr, director of the USGA Golf Museum. "Each contributes something distinct and valuable in terms of research and narrative style, two attributes that always rank high in our deliberations."

I have not seen the Lewis book but would love to find it. Anyone know a good spot to purchase?

In Why Are There Eighteen Holes?: St. Andrews and the Evolution of Golf Courses, 1764-1890, Peter Lewis takes readers on a journey through the 18th and 19th centuries to discover why there are 18 holes on a course. Drawing on a wide range of contemporary sources, he reveals that early courses had varying numbers of holes and were judged by the quality of their turf, putting greens and hazards. He shows why, during the 1880s, as golf became more popular, the ideal number of holes was increasingly seen as being 18.

You can read the Q&A I did with Robbins last year regarding his biography of Harvey Penick. And purchase the book through Amazon.