PGA Show Review: "An absolute sloth"

Tony Covey at breaks down the PGA Show highlights, trends and observations.

However, it was his overall take on the model of a convention that will not go down well in West Palm Beach.

While the daily propaganda blasts from show organizers might have you believe otherwise, I’m here to tell you that the 2017 PGA Show was an absolute sloth. With noticeably light traffic in the aisles and plenty of open space (both on the show floor and the range at demo day), 2017’s easily qualifies as the most depressing PGA Show during my time in the industry.

Take it for whatever it’s worth, but several of my media colleagues (and others I’ve spoken with from inside the industry) are in complete agreement. Call it a worse show on the heels of a bad show on the heels of a not so good show.

Covey says the show in its current form, due to cost for all, "makes less and less sense."

Thoughts from those who attended?