Rematch? Rory, Elkington Twitter Manspat On Hold...For Now

Sad news for those hoping to see major champions collide on social media as Rory McIlroy has instructed his wife to change his Twitter password, effectively ending any hopes of another spat with Steve Elkington.

Alistair Tait with the details for

“I must have wrote that tweet and deleted it about five times before I actually sent it,” McIlroy revealed. “I sort of regret sending it.”

Oh regrets nonsense!

His reasoning for getting annoyed with Elkington could be chalked up to an interclub dispute. The Major Winners Club.

“It’s not what was said,” McIlory explained. “It’s who said it. Anyone that’s been in that environment should realise how hard golf is at times. That’s the thing that got to me more than anything else.

“If it was written by a member of the media or something I could let it slide, because I can sort of says to myself ‘they don’t really know how it is and the don’t know what you have to deal with.’ But a former player that has won a major and been successful? That’s sort of why it got to me and why I sort of retaliated a little bit.”