Wow: Jason Day Drops Longtime Looper For Buddy

George Savaricus reports that Jason Day will have a new bagman this week, dropping longtime supporter and mentor Colin Swatton for "high school roomate" Luke Reardon.

We officially are witnessing a bizarro trend: top players wanting a "mate" or "buddy" or fellow lad guiding them around because the older, wiser caddie was...too old? Not hip? Prone to not engaging in full smooching-up mode 24/7? Or, just merely to blame for the overcompensated, over-pampered boss stinking it up?

In this case, the move is especially perplexing give Swatton's guiding hand, as detailed by Day, in helping the Australian rise to No. 1. The sheer amount of melodrama Swatton has had to endure makes him sainthood worthy.

Anyway, as Kevin Casey points out, it'll probably be a short-lived playoff run for Reardon unless his man shows some of the old form.