Paris & LA Olympic Golf Venues Bring Stability And...No Buzz

With the finalization of Paris for the 2024 Olympic Games and Los Angeles for 2028, Rex Hoggard writes at that the penciling in of proven tournament venues is a good thing.

While Rio was a unique success story, for vastly different reasons, consider the game’s best going head-to-head on a course in Versailles just minutes outside of Paris’ city center, or at Riviera, which is wedged between San Vicente Road and Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood (In a related note to 2028 athletes: traffic could be an issue).

It’s always the play on the field that makes a competition special, but having fields with established reputations and proven logistics can only enhance an event that exceeded many expectations in ’16.

While there is certainly something to be said for going to the home of annual European and PGA Tour events, there is also a case to be made that the Olympic golf will fizzle on the back of lackluster formats and been there-done that venues. Particularly if both courses host tour events the year of the Games.

Yes, Rio was difficult and caused headaches, there was a hoped-for payoff that showed the world a new venue with sustainability elements and wildlife diversity bringing added attention. To this day, some still don't get this, but for all of those point-missers there were many who saw golf in a fresh light.

With no venue cache for the next two golf events in the Games--three if the sport survives beyond 2024--tweaks to the format had better be really, really good.