Bubba Targets 15 Wins And The Hall Of Fame, But Uh...

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 8.08.15 PM.png

…it’s a popularity contest now.

And while I know Bubba doesn’t read golf media coverage that would have told him a player’s likability to Hall committees is a prime piece of the puzzle, he might want to reconsider his desire to get to 15 wins in hopes of making his career HOF worthy.

Bubba, from Doug Ferguson’s AP golf notes column:

''Am I Hall of Fame worthy? I'm going to be dead honest with you - it would be the most joyous occasion in my life when it came to the game of golf,'' Watson said. ''I can't tell you if that's in or not. But my new goal is three more, see if I can get to 15.''

Given that he could not get picked for a 2016 Ryder Cup team he would have made on points had there been no Captain’s picks, Bubba may not pass the Hall’s new popularity criteria.

Either way, I’m just happy one of the few players who can shape the ball both ways is going to keep playing and reminding us what we are missing on a more consistent basis.