Patrick Reed Says Masters Win Validates His Manufacturer-Agnostic Strategy

It's interesting to see Patrick Reed suggesting his Masters win validates a strategy to go equipment-deal free. I wonder if other players will forsake the money and full support of a tour team?

Wait, this just in, sources close to 300 of the world's best golfers just whispered in my ear and said no &^$#%* way. 

Bill Speros with a roundup of Reed's New York visit following his Masters win.

“This has freed me up to use whatever equipment I want. On the equipment side, I’m just out there doing my thing. I’m using whatever I want to use,” Reed said. “I’m able to put 14 golf clubs and a golf ball in the bag that I feel are the perfect fit for me. To do that and come out with a my first major, it was a risk. But it was a risk that was the right one.”