The Inside Story Of How And Why Phil Said Yes To The Already Legendary Mizzen+Main Spot

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Some writers wish they were there when the Pentagon Papers landed on a desk, others covet getting the Watergate break-in assignment. I, today, envy's Alan Bastable for landing the exclusive details of Phil Mickelson's instant-viral classic ad for Mizzen+Main

No rookie at this game, Bastable paints a picture of key figures and agents at work seeking to get the most out of the artist. 

Also in the room when Lavelle presented the idea were Mickelson’s agent, Steve Loy, and wife, Amy.

Amy began to laugh.

“She looked at Phil and looked at me and then looked back at Phil,” Lavelle said. “She said, ‘Should I tell him or should you? He said, ‘Go ahead.’ She looked back at me and said, ‘Phil can do the worm.’”

“At that moment,” Lavellle said, “it was, ‘Oh my god we’re actually going to make this happen.’”

On the heels of his much-discussed Playing Through work for Callaway during The Open, Mickelson at least knows he's got a future in acting.