The French Are Already Cranky About What This Ryder Cup Will Not Deliver

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As the LPGA’s Evian Championship gets underway, Graham Dunbar of the AP reports on Evian chair Franck Riboud grousing about what the Ryder Cup will do for French golf. You know, the Ryder Cup that was going to lead to 100 new six or nine hole courses and new fans galore.

Let the grouchiness begin!

“Perhaps you are surprised,” Riboud said. “Because personally I think the Ryder Cup is not building or helping to reach the objective” of developing talent.

Though Tiger Woods is making a rare visit to France, Riboud played down the impact his selection for the United States team could have.

“No, the best ambassador for golf in France is going to the next French champion at the same level (as) Tiger Woods,” the businessman said.

Right, good luck with that!

More importantly, is the media center going to have fresh baked croissants in the morning and suitable wine/cheese spreads at filing time? That could determine the future of French golf, in this reporters’ opinion.