Pepperell On Saudi Arabia Event: World Ranking Points Take Priority

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We’ve seen players travel to far away lands in search of easy World Ranking points and sell their mother’s for year-end world top 50 status.

And now, look the other way on carved up journalists, beheadings, beatings, violent bigotry and 15 of 19 9-11 hijackers just to help the Crown Prince see the error of his nation’s murderous ways.

Eddie Pepperell is at this week’s European Tour event and clearly conflicted since he noted three other shady countries the European Tour might reconsider visiting. Ultimately, he can’t resist the points according to his latest blog post.

I can really only speak for myself, and plus, remember I’m not being paid to be here, so I’m only slightly less immoral than the top guys who have showed up. For me, if I didn’t play, I sacrifice the opportunity to play against the best in the world, I miss a chance to improve my world ranking also, which objectively speaking, does hold some importance for me, since if I fall out of the Top 50 before April then I won’t be eligible for a PGA Tour event I have scheduled to play. And that means losing flights etc and having to pay for new ones, which you might say is no problem because I’ve earned a lot of money lately, though resentment isn’t good for anybody.

At least Pepperell is honest about what drives him to tee it up in Saudi Arabia this week. If not, delusional…

On top of all of this, maybe, just maybe, the Regime out here really do want to change. Maybe they’ve recognised the perilous state of their own affairs and in particular their reliance on a fossil fuel that won’t be here forever. 

Maybe the Crown Prince will present a solar panel trophy instead of an oil derrick. Or not.