Trump Organization Instituting E-Verify At All Golf Properties After Post Story

After a WaPo exclusive on Trump National Westchester firing undocumented workers who had been on the payroll—including one course maintenance worker on staff for nearly two decades—the company will be instituting the E-Verify system at all properties, starting with their golf locations, reports Jonathan O’Connell, Elise Viebeck and Tracy Jan.

“We are instituting E-Verify on all of our properties as soon as possible,” Eric Trump, one of the president’s sons and executive vice president of the Trump Organization, said Tuesday, acknowledging that the company currently uses the program only at some locations. “We’re starting with the golf properties, and we are going to be doing all of them.”

The move is the first acknowledgment by the president’s private business that it has failed to fully check the work status of all its employees, despite Trump’s claims during the 2016 campaign that he used E-Verify across his properties. At the time, he called for the program to be mandatory for all employers. 

That should liven up some Golf Industry Show conversations next week!