Charles Barkley Offering Anthony Kim Alcohol Consumption Advice

It is funny you talk about Tiger. I have become friends with Anthony Kim and I was talking to him the other day trying to tell him: Let this B.S. with Robert Allenby go. Nothing good is going to happen if you all are going back-and-forth. The one thing that I will say about Tiger is that when we go out, he can drink. He drinks but he never drinks when he has got a tournament. So I think you distinguish those two. If we are just going to Vegas to screw around or we are just going around, he might have a couple of beers or something. If he has got a tournament, he does not drink. I am just relaying the Anthony Kim story. Maybe Tony can learn that ok that there is certain things that I got to do when I play and everything else has got to be 2nd. You can have fun when you are off: Ok, I got a tournament this week. Tiger won’t even do caffeine the week of a tournament. He thought that it screwed up his putting stroke. You know how sometimes caffeine has got you jittery? I mean just simple stuff like that.
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“While I feel like the comments published were taken out of context..." **

This PGA Tour-issued Robert Allenby statement hasn't been sitting too well since he's essentially claiming he was misquoted. Since this release is coming from PGA Tour headquarters, they are indirectly endorsing the implication that the golf media in some way stretched the truth. However, after a little research I've learned from those present that the comments were documented by four reporters, one who confirmed that he has the conversation on tape.
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“While I feel like the comments published were taken out of context, I did call Anthony to apologize for anything that I said or inferred that could possibly portray Anthony as anything less than a professional of the highest caliber."

The PGA Tour issued this release from Rick George, Anthony Kim and Robert Allenby that risks further fanning the flames after Sunday's comments and inevitably will lead to more scrutiny of Kim's behavior. (However, this unbylined account quotes Fred Couples as saying Kim was "crushed" by the remarks and from Couples' perspective, Kim was on good behavior all week.) Anyway, the statement:

Statement from the PGA TOUR regarding Anthony Kim and Robert Allenby, post-Presidents Cup, including quotes from Kim and Allenby

October 14, 2009

“Robert Allenby and Anthony Kim were both part of a fantastic week at The Presidents Cup in San Francisco, representing the U.S. and International Teams, respectively, with utmost professionalism, competitive spirit and good sportsmanship.  Concerning the reports published after the fact with unfortunate comments attributed to Robert regarding Anthony, we understand that both players have since spoken and have put the incident behind them.  We wish them both the best as they play out the remainder of their 2009 schedules.” – PGA TOUR Executive Vice President & Chief of Operations Rick George

Was that as good for you all as it was for me?

“Robert and I have spoken about the comments he made after the final day of competition, and I’ve accepted his apology.  We are both moving on, and I don’t have anything more to say about the issue.  I had a great experience at my first Presidents Cup and look forward to competing in many more international team competitions for my country.” – Anthony Kim

“While I feel like the comments published were taken out of context, I did call Anthony to apologize for anything that I said or inferred that could possibly portray Anthony as anything less than a professional of the highest caliber.  He was a key member of the U.S. Team last week and a formidable opponent on Sunday when we faced each other in singles competition.  I am glad we had the chance to speak and clear the air.” – Robert Allenby

Oh I'm sure it was the highlight of your year.

Can you imagine how many of these clarification statements the PGA Tour would have to issue of they ran the Ryder Cup?

"Guess who's got fewer manners than a fifth-grader?"

From Gary Van Sickle's post-Presidents Cup wrap up:

The inconsiderate media moment of the week came during the International team's post-loss press conference when a nationally known columnist seated in the second row took a cell phone call while an International player was answering a question. Guess who's got fewer manners than a fifth-grader?

Jordan Crashes Presidents Cup Team Picture!

Or at least it looks that way...

But seriously, about that drama, that strategy and all of the second guessing taking place today? I mean it's one thing to walk an All-Star to get a Hall of Famer but Terry Francona...oh, sorry, wrong Sunday drama.

I didn't watch much and I know a lot of you enjoyed watching the world's best tackle that insipid bunkering and drama-free design, so I'll just leave it to the SI guys to actually agree with the PGA Tour brass who were trying to keep Michael Jordan away from official Presidents Cup events:

Gorant: Michael Jordan as an assistant captain also made an impression. It was both cool and ridiculous, and you'd never see that at the Ryder Cup. That says everything about why the Presidents Cup is both better and worse.

Shipnuck: Barf. Jordan was a circus sideshow, nothing more.

Van Sickle: Couldn't agree more, Alan. Honestly, what's this guy really doing hanging around with pros? Get a day job.

Lipsey: He has a day job: counting money, smoking cigars, chillin' in Vegas and playing golf with Tiger and his pals.

Presidents Cup Day 3, How Was It?

I can say I didn't see a single shot, but I did happen to walk by a golf course starter who had it on and well, it was dark and we're in the same time zone so I can only conclude that pace of play was just sterling!

And is it true the NBC team referred to the Europeans on more than one occasion?

John Huggan compares the Presidents Cup with the Ryder Cup and finds the PGA Tour's event lacking.

OK, maybe a more low-key attitude towards the RC would be no bad thing in tabloid world, but, conversely, almost everyone has a hard time getting even a little worked up about the PC. Immediately after he and Adam Scott had closed out Hunter Mahan and Sean O'Hair by 2&1 on day one, Els seemingly couldn't be bothered to walk back and support his guys in the next match. Instead, the big South African teed off at the 18th and played quietly in by himself. Ho-hum.

Jordan Banished To Olympic Club For Prez Cup Opening Ceremony

Granted, there are worse places to banished to, still, Sam Weinman reports the hilariously embarrassing move by the PGA Tour to "suggest" that the famous assistant captain not join the team on the stage. This inspired caddies to pencil "23" onto their caps in a paper-trail free way of suggesting to the golf media that they pop out of their little tent and as, "why have you penciled 23 onto your cap?"
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"Arguably what's at stake is the future of San Francisco public golf, and by extension, the value of public golf everywhere."

Miraculously no one has asked yet how the PGA Tour and City of San Francisco spent $23 million and got a functional but ultimately disappointing Harding Park redesign. Brad Klein noted quite accurately that "a round here produces the sense of waiting for something to happen that never quite materializes."

Which is why I suppose the Presidents Cup re-routing--a blatant move for the corporate tent folks as Ron Whitten documents in Golf World--doesn't really matter much. If you know the course and want to get a nice feel for the new sequencing, check out Brett Avery and Golf World's interactive map.

Meanwhile, SF native Jaime Diaz makes the case that no matter what you might feel about the course, this is a huge week for public golf with two courses fighting for their existence and beleaguered Harding looking to stay on the PGA Tour's radar.

Even In A Sling, Scribblers Try Twisting Norman's Arm

While Bob Harig reminds us of Greg Norman's history with the Presidents Cup (playing a 22-year-old Tiger, supporting the idea of the event), Steve Elling says that no one heard much of what Norman said today about his surprising selection of Adam Scott because he was too busy evading questions about the breakup with Chrissy.
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Chrissy Will Do Anything To Get Out Of Attending The Presidents Cup

Leave her man? The same week he has shoulder surgery?

It wasn't long ago she was looping in the Augusta par-3 contest, suggesting Greg's ex "get a job," instilling "different thought processes" in Greg, filming nauseating Golf In America segments, buying back Greg's old house, then visiting the White House and taking all of the attention away from Tim Finchem. I suppose in that light, the Presidents Cup would be a letdown.

Doug Ferguson reports the surprising split between Christine Marie Evert Lloyd Mill Norman and Greg Norman and says it was announced on a Friday afternoon to help squelch any rumors when Chrissy didn't show next week at Harding Park.

Oh yes, this will really put the fire out.

And to think it was just three weeks ago she was taking Tim Rosaforte's money and consulting on Adam Scott's selection to the team.

Thus began the exercise of going through a process of elimination that started with me blurting out, "Well, you'll never take Adam Scott. He's playing like ..."

Greg never flinched, but I should have known looking at Chris' raised eyebrows and the way she shifted and looked out of the window that Scott was going to be one of Norman's choices. I even mentioned that Adam was dating the Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanovic and they were both slumping. Shortly after this awkward moment, a straight-faced Evert made the bet.

"You're going to be surprised," she said.

I'll say!

Norman Has Shoulder Surgery; Insists His Prez Cup Lineup Cards Will Not Be Affected

Do I smell a sympathy sling in International Captain Greg Norman's future after today's procedure?

After experiencing ongoing discomfort in his right shoulder, Greg Norman underwent an arthroscopic procedure Wednesday at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The procedure was scheduled to allow adequate time for rehabilitation, meaning Norman's December playing schedule should not be interrupted.

"It was imperative that I take care of this because it was keeping me from performing at a level that suits my standards," Norman said. "The procedure will in no way impact my responsibilities at The Presidents Cup, and I very much look forward to captaining the International Team next week."