Week In Review, March 4-11: Ohio GA On The Ball

WeekInReview2.jpgAnother wild week in golf, kicked off by news that Torrey Pines has been put up as collateral.

At Doral, Johnny Miller and Dan Hicks talked about flogging and why perhaps it works, though they also left out a few reasons too. Tiger's won with some eye-opening flog numbers, prompting reader Greg to note that the "Johnny Miller ford 'flogging' was barfworthy."

Carolyn Bivens spoke to Golf World's Ryan Herrington and as usual, sounded ridiculous talking about "brand consistency" and other nonsense. Reader NRH summed the Bivens era best: The early returns show: "Resignation of a by the book, but well-liked 18 year veteran tournament official.The Wie and Annika-Creamer rulings controversies. Picking a fight with the AP in the name of 'protecting the brand.' The joke of the women's world rankings debut. Excitement over being included in the Oscars goodie bag...Wow, does this mean I care about the LPGA? Hey, at least their club selection is more in line with the average Joe."

We also saw the future of the LPGA attending Oscar parties, prompting reader Pete to comment: "LPGA = Divas hitting Drivers. Why don't we see Tiger and the fellas at the Oscars? Oh yeah, that's right. Because they're athletes not dress-up dolls."

MacDuff weighed in with his analysis of a possible FedEx Cup points list through Doral, and it definitely rewards those who play frequently (and great play).

On the subject of FedEx, it was noted here that you will notice the name "PGA Tour" disappearing and FedEx Cup replacing it next year. Big K said, "I just hope the 'FedEx Reliability Zone' does not become an integral part of golf broadcasts. I was pretty sick of that graphic by the end of the Doral tournament. I can't wait for the Cialis 'Knock it Stiff' shot of the day..."

George Peper continued to atone for editorial sins, and we readers are the beneficiaries. Well I'm enjoying his columns, anyway. Reader R.A.C. noted that "isn't there more than a twinge of irony in providing the 10 over-rated, in the same breath as confessing his sins???"  And about that overrated list of Peper's, reader Hank noted that "As far as TCC being overrated because its a "composite" course used only for majors. Well, that's not true. It is played many times during the year with all tee times full."

Speaking of awards, the GWAA handed out its usual awards. You can read my third place finisher, and Golfweek has posted Brad Klein's 1st place winner here.

Speaking of Klein and awards, the Golfweek rankings were posted this week, with Cypress Point finally overtaking Pine Valley as No. 1 (not that I think it's unworthy of the top spot, but Pine Valley's recent elimination of sandy waste areas in favor of turf is alarming).

The big story of the week was written by Jim Achenbach (but first revealed by Lorne Rubenstein in December). The Ohio Golf Association is going to try a reduced flight ball in a special invitational event this summer.

Reader Dan D'Arrigo wrote, "I think the OGA is taking a proactive approach to protecting the integrity of the game. In my thirty years of playing golf I have seen the game change dramatically and I am convinced that some of the changes have not been for the best long term interest of the game."

And Brett commented, "Ohio has figured it out. Why pay millions upon millions of dollars to stretch out existing golf courses, to then find your drive has ended up in the same fairway location as it did 8 years ago, and you still have the same club into that green as before? Instead of spending boo-kooos of dollars, their going to go back to a golf ball that makes total sense from a dollar and "sense" point of view. Way to go, BIG O!"