IM'ing With The Commissioners IV

My NSA sources forwarded another exclusive, this time another of golf's two commissioners chatting it up via instant message. As with the past exchanges (here, here and here), the insider details are rivetting, I must say. 

This time they are chatting right after Bob Hope Chrysler Classic play where high winds, grump players and a sluggish Golf Channel telecast made it all but impossible not to watch the Saints-Bears game. Commissioners...

DaBrandLady: tim, you there?

twfPGATour©: Hi Carolyn.

DaBrandLady: Great product today.

twfPGATour©: Thanks, I thought so too. Wonderful storylines with that whole structural dilemma of dealing with that really bizarre wind event, and so many players in the coveted demo contending.
twfPGATour©:  Best of all, GOLF CHANNEL is really contextualizing the storylines and creating that feeling of pressure building on players who are falling behind in the FedEx Cup points race.

DaBrandLady: totally! tiger has so much ground to make up already! we pray for storylines like that!

DaBrandLady: but i was wondering why they didn't have those fancy windmills out there at the classic club.

twfPGATour©: Oh, haha, yes it was a bit windy, but my people say that's unusual for that part of the desert. They say those other 100,000 or so power generating wind towers you see out there are simply tax deductible means for the property owners. It really isn't a windy spot.

DaBrandLady: really? when the huz and i drove to the nabisco from l.a., we were wondering if any courses had ever thought of incorporating those wind energy things into their designs.

twfPGATour©: You're serious?

DaBrandLady: absolutely. hear me out. you line the fairways with them in lieu of trees.

DaBrandLady: you could sign one of these windmill makers up as a presenting sponsor, have them out there generating revenue for the platform as the tournament is going on. you would be delivering value to your players and to your new presenting sponsor. you might want to run some metrics on this. i know i would.

twfPGATour©: Interesting. Maybe we could have the guy who does GOLF CHANNEL's Win Zone cook up some numbers. Isn't that a great advance? Adds so much texture to the telecast.

DaBrandLady: yeah i saw where they had charley kaufman at 7.3% with a hole to go!

twfPGATour©: It's actually Hoffman.

DaBrandLady: The Win Zone guy?

twfPGATour©: No, Charley Hoffman, who won the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic Hosted by George Lopez.

DaBrandLady: oh. well anyway, the windmill thing was just a thought. you know how i'm always looking for ways to cross leverage value through sound metricking to better the lives my players sponsors. hey is that a word, metricking?

twfPGATour©: I don't know Carolyn, but I like it.

DaBrandLady: say tim, there's an issue that's come up and i wanted to run it by you before i have to deal with the media.

twfPGATour©: What's that?

DaBrandLady: well my people have been looking at your golf channel ratings and well...

twfPGATour©: What? The 18-34 number? We think it can only go up.

DaBrandLady: no no, the overall ratings. you see, well, at some point we at the lpga are going to be on espn or "the deuce" as i like to call it

twfPGATour©: The deuce? Oh ESPN2. Very original Carolyn. And your point?

DaBrandLady: well, we're probably going to score a higher rating on one of the espn's than what you all are pulling in on the golf channel.

twfPGATour©: I find that hard to believe because of the numbers we'll generate on the repeat airings. My dad says he's watching it live and on the repeat. But I'll have Ty look into it and get back to you on the language of how we deal with that and give it texture and meaning for the consumer. And I appreciate your concern for our brand.

DaBrandLady: anytime tim. well, that was all. again, great product today.

twfPGATour©: Thanks Carolyn. Give my best to, uh...

DaBrandLady: he says hi back!