Commish Killjoy Strikes! Bans Throwing Items To Phoenix Fans

Two years ago he put a stop to caddy races for reasons only a fun-loving guy like Tim Finchem can understand, and now with the Waste Management Open looming as a huge week, Commissioner Boilerplate returns in the latest episode of his long-running drama, Taking Ourselves Too Seriously (TOTS).

Alex Miceli Tweeted the locker room bulletin to players which was accompanied by a little graffiti from a less-than-enthusiastic admirer. (This document is no doubt on its way via FedEx to the PGA Tour's VP of Handwriting, whose sole job is to analyze the source of efforts to defile PGA Tour locker room memos). 

Dare I boldly suggest this to be yet another sign of the PGA Tour's lack of comfort with the Waste Management Open antics and the once-a-year show put on by the folks in the greater Phoenix area. I'm also quite positive this one lands in the top 400 of reasons why the PGA Tour has never reached the level of NFL popularity, as Commish Killjoy once so happily dreamed out loud. Still, to point miss on such a grand scale takes a special person!