Shocker: Robert Allenby's Story Continues To Unravel

If you had Wednesday morning in the Allenby Exposed pool, you may be looking good as Robert Allenby's unbelievable story of kidnapping and assault by mystery wine bar stalkers has been refuted by another credible witness suggesting the injuries may have been the result of passing out and introducing a head to a rock.

Frank Coletta and Leesa Smith of Daily Mail Australia talk to Toa Kaili, who came upon Allenby twice while the Aussie was passed out on a downtown Honolulu sidewalk near the wine bar.

About two hours later, Mr Kaili says he returned to find the golfer still unconscious on the pavement but now with a bloodied face – the man claims the Australian was injured from falling over and hitting his head on a rock.

'Then he’s accusing me and my friend "you guys stole my wallet and phone – alright the gig is up just hand it over" so I was like "brother we are the ones who woke you up - we are the ones just helping you,' Mr Kaili told Channel 9 News.

'He was saying 'you don’t know who I am".'

That's our Robert! Same one who ran into that big Robert Allenby fan at the bar.

Now Toa, you mean you weren't you a big fan of early 21st century PGA Tour golf? You should know who I am!

Here is the video segment where Toa comes off quite credibly.