Costco Golf Ball Insanity: Website Jammed, Sells Out In Two Hours And Going For Silly Prices On Ebay

Bidding more for a dozen of Costco balls than the top-priced ball on the market?

America the beautiful!

The ebay prices are giggle-worthy. However it's mostly the notion that Costco, which sells a lot of vice-worthy items in bloated sizes, had its website bog down Tuesday as golf junkies jammed the servers trying to order the new low cost ball that has tested well.

Reader Guy reports that the 11 am-to-1 pm ET sales window today did offer the opportunity to buy the ball, but as many noted below, the website was lagging badly. Imagine that, bogging down a site that sells almost anything, only larger.

Who says golf is dead? 



@costco "Due to inventory changes, item 1081660 in your cart is no longer available" been trying all morning. Kirkland Signature Golf Ball