Trick Shots Of The Year...And Two Late Entries

Last week on Morning Drive we narrowed the finalists down to three and picked a winner, and while I feel confident the Academy got it right, I'm wondering how two entries might have impacted voting. Here's the segment with Gary Williams:

These two entries fascinate because of their seeming simplicity, but the performances are actually quite layered on repeat viewings. (Hey, it's awards season here in LA, this kind of talk just naturally seeps in.)

Back with another gem is Indonesian pro golfer Rinaldi Adiyandono, he of the shirt pocket shot that still mesmerizes.


White ball, right pocket! #golfgods #indofreestylegolf #golf #trickshot

A video posted by Indonesia Freestyle Golf (@indofreestylegolf) on Dec 20, 2016 at 3:53am PST