“I woke up that morning and didn’t expect to win"

Thanks to reader Tim for this Kyung Lah CNN report on Y.E. Yang which included what could not have been music to Presidents Cup captain Norman, assuming the translation was correct.

Watching Yang play with his friends on this Dallas, Texas golf course, you can see that love of the game is obvious. Yang later tells me that he hopes to never face off with Tiger again, because he’s not sure he’d win again. You get the sense that while wins at the PGA level are important, this game with friends is just as important — and at the heart of why Yang managed to accomplish what no other golfer in the world could.

The video version:

Jack Nicklaus has also has some interesting observations on the Yang win at Hazeltine in this sitdown with Tim Rosaforte. And is me or is Jack way too pleased that Tiger won't be breaking the all time major's mark at St. Andrews next year?

2009 PGA Championship Clippings: Final Round Whoa Nellie, Y.E. Yang Wins Edition

They'll be slicing and dicing this one for a while.

From Tiger's post round take to Yang's dynamic personality to the gamesmanship to that silly rough around the greens to the CBS exec who insisted on showing us a Michael Vick clip as the leaders reached the terrifying 16th, the 91st PGA that was looking like a typical Tiger coronation turned into one for the ages.

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Harrington's Balky Back

Dave Shedloski adds this intriguing note about Padraig Harrington suffering back spasms after yesterday's round. Definitely something to keep an eye on the rest of the way.

"It's ongoing," Harrington said while changing his shoes in Hazeltine's locker room. "I guess I'm paying a little bit for trying to get better."

Harrington said he suffered severe spasms after Thursday's opening 4-under-par 68. At 5:40 p.m. CDT Thursday the three-time major champion was seen getting worked on by two physiotherapy trainers in the locker room.