Year In Review, Vol. 11: The Commish

finchem.jpgEvery time PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem met with the media, he offered plenty of entertaining MBASpeak as only he can deliver it (here's his fall tally of isms).

The highlight was his impactful press conference at East Lake, which included confused questions from the assembled laptoppers. Frank Hannigan had fun with the Finchem antics.

His 2007 Schedule concept was met with skepticism and plenty of questions from writers like Steve Elling.2005.jpg

John Hawkins wrote a lengthy feature on the proposed schedule concept that raised even more questions about how the Tour was approaching their network negotiations. Players voiced concern and even Peter Kostis didn't praise the proposed concept.

Worse, the Commissioner had Sean Murphy up in Washington causing trouble and asking tough questions. trouble. And the ironic situation with the Nationwide is quite fun.

Worst of all, he's got Carolyn Bivens trying to talk like him now.

But at least he's well paid